SSCB Business Unit

The Business Unit was established in January 2009 to provide dedicated support to the SSCB and partner agencies. The unit is based at The Sandhill Centre, Grindon Lane, Sunderland SR3 4EN and comprises of a:

  • Business Manager
    The Business Manager's role is to assist the Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board and its sub-committees in identifying and progressing strategic objectives. As well as ensuring policies and objectives are consistently managed the Business Manager will make effective links with Local Safeguarding Children Boards both on a regional and national basis.
  • Development and Training Officer
    The Development and Training Officer will support the SSCB by working with partner agencies on the development and implementation of practice and systems to promote co-ordination of safeguarding work across the agencies, as well as taking lead responsibility for producing a multi-agency training plan.
  • Support Officer
    The Support Officer provides dedicated support to the work of the Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board and its sub-committees. As well as assisting in planning and supporting specific projects and programmes the Support Officer plays a key role in supporting the serious case review process.
  • Assistant Support Officer
    The Assistant Support Officer provides support to Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board and its sub-committees.

Contact the SSCB Business Unit

Jane Held (SSCB Independent Chair)
Secure email:
Tel c/o: 0191 561 7015

Lynne Thomas (SSCB Business Manager)
Secure email:
Tel: 0191 561 7015

Vacant post (SSCB Development and Training Officer)

All training queries should be addressed to
Training nominations should be forwarded to

Vacant post (SSCB Business Support Officer)

Vivien Turner (SSCB Assistant Support Officer)
Secure email:
Tel: 0191 561 7011


We are based at the following address:
SSCB Business Unit, Room 13,
Sandhill Centre, Grindon Lane,
Sunderland, SR3 4EN

Please note: The Independent Chair, is not office based. Please could you mark any post addressed to the Independent Chair care of the above address.

Any sensitive information (Restricted and/or Protect under National Protective Marking Scheme and SSCB Information Sharing Protocol) should be forwarded via secure email to: