SSCB Business Unit

The Business Unit was re-established in April 2017 to provide dedicated support to the SSCB and partner agencies. The unit is based at The Sandhill Centre, Grindon Lane, Sunderland SR3 4EN and comprises of a:

SSCB Strategic Business Manager

This role is responsible for leading the work of the SSCB and relevant programme boards, project groups, task and finish groups and stakeholder for and supporting the Independent Chair and Vice Chair of the Board to ensure that it is:

  • An effective, resilient, proactive and high achieving LSCB
  • Meeting its statutory requirements
  • Outward facing
  • Promoting a multi-agency culture of high support and high challenge
  • Having a significant impact on improving outcomes for children and young people in Sunderland

In addition the Strategic Business Manager provides strategic leadership for the Business Unit. 

SSCB Performance and Quality Assurance Programme Board Officer

This role is responsible for supporting, directing and coordinating the SSCB Performance, Quality Assurance Programme Board programme of work and all associated improvement and intelligence functions including data collection, data analysis, performance monitoring and reporting, service reviews, auditing, other forms of Quality Assurance activity, benchmarking, inspection and assessment, consultation and research, needs analysis and compliance activity. 

SSCB Learning and Workforce Development Programme Board Officer

This role is responsible for supporting, directing and coordinating the SSCB learning and workforce development programme board, programme of work and all associated learning and workforce development activity including, development of multi-agency standards and guidance around practice including child protection and early help activity, supervision, leadership etc.

SSCB Clerk to the Board

This role is responsible for managing and maintaining the governance arrangements, board processes, and meetings of the Board and for supporting the Independent Chair, Strategic Business Manager and the Programme Board Officers as appropriate and the delivery of the SSCB annual conference and other workforce development events. 

SSCB Board Administrator

This role is responsible for supporting the Programme Board Officers and to contribute to the overall SSCB business unit activity and functions, including advice and guidance to agencies.

Contact the SSCB Business Unit

Paul Ennals (SSCB Independent Chair)
Secure email:
Tel c/o: 0191 561 7015

Lynne Thomas (SSCB Strategic Business Manager)
Secure email:
Tel: 0191 561 7015

Nicola Morrow (SSCB Performance and Quality Assurance Programme Board Officer)
Tel: 0191 561 7015

Vacant post (SSCB Development and Training Officer)

All training queries should be addressed to
Training nominations should be forwarded to

Natasha Kerr (SSCB Clerk to the Board)
Secure e-mail:
Tel: 0191 5617018

Vivien Turner (SSCB Board Administrator)
Secure email:
Tel: 0191 561 7011


We are based at the following address:
SSCB Business Unit, Room 13,
Sandhill Centre, Grindon Lane,
Sunderland, SR3 4EN

Please note: The Independent Chair, is not office based. Please could you mark any post addressed to the Independent Chair care of the above address.

Any sensitive information (Restricted and/or Protect under National Protective Marking Scheme and SSCB Information Sharing Protocol) should be forwarded via secure email to: