SSCB Structure

Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board is a statutory body, independent of other structures and arrangements. The SSCB brings together partner agencies in Sunderland to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of what partner agencies do.

The SSCB acts as an independent voice in respect of monitoring the quality of child safeguarding arrangements within the City of Sunderland. The SSCB has an independent chair who ensures that the Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board operates effectively and independently of its partner organisations.

The SSCB also links into the South of Tyne and Wear Child Death Overview Panel as part of the regional arrangements established to enable the SSCB to discharge its statutory responsibilities around the child death review process.

Local Safeguarding Children Boards produce annual reports to support the development of effective accountability locally and to develop an effective relationship between the LSCB and the Children's Trust Board.

Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board has produced an Annual Report (see Useful Links & Publications) to outline the achievements set against the SSCB Business Plan and to demonstrate the effectiveness of safeguarding in Sunderland. The production of the annual report enables the board to assess local safeguarding arrangements and outlines the challenges to be addressed, which are then included in the Business Plan.

The SSCB Business Plan (see Useful Links & Publications) outlines the priorities for the SSCB and includes measurable objectives. The Business Plan is used as a working tool by the sub-committees and is informed by national and local agendas. Some of the local priorities have been identified through development days with the SSCB and the recommendations from recent Serious Case Reviews.

SSCB Groups

In order to assist the board with discharging its wider responsibilities, the following sub-committees have been created:

  • Executive Group
  • Performance & Quality Assurance Programme Board
  • Performance & Audit Group
  • Learning and Workforce Development Programme Board
  • Local Child Death Review Panel
  • Vulnerable Adolescents Strategic Project Group
  • Domestic Abuse Strategic Project Group

Each group comprises of multi-agency membership and all are chaired by partner agencies of the board. Each group has terms of reference and an action plan, which is determined by the overarching SSCB Business Plan.

Three sub-committees are currently ran jointly with the Sunderland Safeguarding Adult Board. These are Legal, Policy and Procedures; Engagement and Participation and Training and Workforce Development. This is part of the SSCB’s ongoing development work with the SSAB to ensure a whole family approach is taken across the City and the interface between Adult and Children’s services is more effective and robust both from a strategic and operation level.

The joint sub-committees have a chair and deputy from both boards as well as terms of reference agreed by both boards. They follow the reporting structure of each respective safeguarding board and reflect each board’s business plan.

Reporting Arrangements

The Chairs of the sub-committees are required to produce a written report on a bi-monthly basis to the Executive Group. The report includes information around completed work and forthcoming priorities. All chairs of sub-committees are represented on the Executive Group. Sub-committees also contribute to the SSCB Annual Report.